Friday, December 7, 2012


Made you look!  Well, hopefully I made you look.  Check it out.  The very nice people at S30P are so very nice, they made me their Featured Writer Of The Day for Friday, December 7th, 2012.

I know!  I'm pretty excited about it.  Nervous, too.  You see, S30P is an online community of over 400 fellow bloggers, many of whom have published books, and most of whom are really good writers and clever, witty people - so it can be a little intimidating to novices such as myself.  They are very kind, though.  In fact, I often think of S30P as my own little support group.

Please visit us there, today.  

And if  you're a blogger, or thinking of becoming one, please join.  We're an extremely supportive bunch!

Oh - and if you're too lazy-- I mean, busy to click on the links above, I'll post today's Featured Writer piece here in Mostly Harmless Drivelville in the near future.  It's a good one, about turning forty while your body goes kablooey.

Did I mention that it has pictures?  Like this:
 Now, just what does THAT have to do with turning 40?  Intriguing, right?  Go see for yourself.  It'll all make sense.

I don't see how you can wait, really.  



Here's that link again...

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