Sunday, April 27, 2014

Doctors Make The Worst Patients

"Professor, I think that the question is no longer 'Why is this happening?'  We - well, not the dead ones, who inhabited the coastal zones of 2014 - We think that the better question now is, 'What can we as a species do now, and going forward, to fix this?'"

The preceding 50 words were prompted by a writing challenge posed by a fellow blogger on CHAOTICALLY YOURS, HERE.  I never realized how little room there is in fifty words.


  1. I like it. Thanks for jumping in.

    There's even less room in 33 words. Or six words. ;) And I'm covering the spectrum with Saturday Shorts. I may be nice and allow 100 words next weekend.

  2. Okay, I just reread this, and I am not happy. Let's see if we can't maybe write something just a little bit better, shall we?