Thursday, November 20, 2014

That Thankfulness Thing 2014 - Part Two Of Three

Okay.  Two years ago, I did the Thankfulness Thing.  I should have stopped there, but no - I did it again in 2013.  And now, I just can't stop.  No time to lose!  Herein you will find the second ten of thirty things for which I find myself thankful in November, 2014...


11.  Jets.  Benny or no Benny - they are bone jigglingly amazing, whether just rolling from point A to point B...

Or performing the Missing Man formation...

...over the Daytona 500.

12.  Sparkles.  (for [Maris])

13.  The 1st-generation Sony FM Walkman.  From Rehoboth Beach, you could hear Ocean City (NJ or MD) pop stations, as well as 96-Rock, 98-Rock, and the legendary WHFS (on a clear night), and life was good.  Life was, of course, already pretty good, being life at the beach, and all, but the Walkman made it just that much better.

14.  Flasks.  Yes, these little life-savers have previously appeared on this list, but this year, more than ever...  And no - I don't need a flask in order to survive my wife's family - or MY family - but it's always better to be prepared, right?

15.  The fact that [Maris] was willing to help with this year's list.  Granted, I out-drank her (for once), tonight, so she has been of VERY little help, but still.  Just knowing that she's in my corner makes ALL the difference.

16.  Mountain Dew (Throwback).  As long as we're talking about sleepyhead over there.  This stuff is like honey.  But with caffeine.  It's... It's just TOPS...

17.  Legs.  Still.  Legs.  Sue me.

18.  Anthony Rendon and/or Asdrubal Cabrera.  Yes, it's a baseball (specifically Nationals baseball) thing.  If that's not your thing, no worries.  Go to 19.

19.  Vacations.  It doesn't matter if your vacation is some six-star escape from your five-star life of utter leisure, or a one-star motel on the "cheap" side of your nearest budget/family-friendly seaside town - or something in between...

...just getting away is half the battle.  Read, sleep, eat, write, play mini-golf - whatever - just get away.

20.  Doctors.  Mine, [Maris]'s, my mothers', my nephew's, my in-laws', and so on.  Independent of everyone's individual issues and/or coverage options etc. - I'm just really glad, tonight, that they are there, doing what they do, sometimes utterly thanklessly.  Here's to YOU, docs!

More on the 30th.  There's just so much for which I should be thankful.  Will Spridel and Chim Chim make the cut?  Stay tuned...  

I found a way to, lame as it may be, incorporate my own phrase/prompt, "I should have stopped," for my buds at STUDIO 30-PLUS, and I'm at peace with the results.  Come back again, won't you? 



  1. What about Trixie?

    I'm partial to Air Force jets too, louder and faster the better. F35s are wicked cool when they fly over your house.

    1. Trixie's *always* a possibility, as is Zooey. We'll see!

      Jets are so cool. Actually, I like propeller planes, too. The older, the better. They remind me of old movies, like Casablanca - and of summer vacations at the beach.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Noname! I try to keep it fresh.

  3. Your number 14 is my favourite. Excellent list!

    1. Thank you so much! I have to admit that while #14 proved to be utterly unnecessary for my past few days, it was good to know that it was there. :)

  4. Joe, you are fast becoming one of my favorite people. I am all for flasks, legs and vacations and yes, even those very noisy planes. Doctors also top my list because they heal and help as much as they can (at the ones I talk to).

    Plus...Sparkles! As in GLITTER? or Confetti? Oh yes, I do a little sparkle in every day.

    So grateful for your list.

    1. Thank you, Kir. It's the little things, sometimes. The flasks might as well be empty, but knowing they're available is HUGE. Legs - well, let's just say that for every great pair of legs [Maris] points out to me, I find some Bradley Cooper lookalike to point out to her, so, yeah. It's good to be secure in such things. Our vacations puzzle some, but we love them. Noisy fast machines - flying or otherwise - are The Shit. Docs saved me - period. And yeah - glittery, sparkly sparkles. Life is good.

      Thanks for stopping by!