Wednesday, November 19, 2014

200 Bits Of Mostly Harmless Drivel


For my 200th post, I wanted to do something special.

Instead, I did this.  What follows is one word from each of my first 200 blog posts - the first word of the first post, the second word of the next post, and so on.  Ready?  Okay!

I the trains. family you Hall welcome only that I half was gently us have the your is acquisition that are huge groups previous Head Doom thinking hi! piece with By along well-intentioned camp but saw middle paper mode floor Rockville.  Seven the hardest words in succumbing I wrap. It's other picture foist verb Lake corner Knotted public tell sucks to complaints an members named it names yet done who haha my main death fight start did still long happened he lot didn't Seventeen? plans historic walking might KNEW against I Perhaps Right from put spoons house accent birthday Tuesday what blocks met everything questions understandable Pennsylvania made police like for 2:09. again learned bored end or Christmas not ones minute him father dozen finale advancement sticks wretched spring this advice pointed so "Nope."

maybe Poor, poured me would be sell possession glare Achilles separated Glimpses own Bat "find." muttered. never also commerce smile hope road idea go? writer off you're illegal brick Pass! to Barb It's fiction Flowers from great this?** dream was traumatic as in rushed least "Oh, widely you right non-issue navigation about Stingo newly hate work... aspect his On Squeeze come that his room doc. commerce

There.  Wasn't that monumental?  If you knew how much time I spent on this, and you like me at all, you would be overwhelmed with pity for me, tonight.

Still.  200 posts - probably 50 good ones.  It's been a lot of fun, for me, and I very much appreciate your visits to my silly little corner of the virtual universe.  Tune in tomorrow for more of this year's Thankfulness Thing...

** this post did not have enough words, so I used "this?" because it was the last word in the post.


  1. Thanks. Now I'm going to have a nightmare about James Joyce tonight.

    1. Thanks, Gray! Wait - GRAY? My consciousness does, occasionally, go all streamy on me. Sorry about that. It sounded like a LOT more fun than it turned out to actually be.