Thursday, November 6, 2014

Stingo the Bandana Origami Prodigy

You know how I'm always telling you about hoboes whose names did not suit them in any way?  No, I don't have any examples for you - just take my word for it.  Okay?  Thanks.  

Stingo the Bandana Origami Prodigy is not one of those hoboes.

Born Stingo Jones, he officially joined the ranks of the nation's train-hopping transients in 1933, at the tender age of six.  He never found out what had happened to his parents; they simply didn't come home, one day.  It was just as well.  He would not have coped well with knowing that they were on display in a downtown department store window, having been shredded alive in a wood chipper, then minced and baked into a couple of plus-size mannequins.  

He spent exactly five minutes in the East Stroudsburg School for Boys Whose Parents Just Didn't Come Home One Day, before running- no, sprinting away, carrying only his bandana collection and some grapes.

From his earliest days on the rails, his innate ability to make fabulous bandana origami was obvious.  He was a prodigy.  So they called him Stingo the Bandana Origami Prodigy.

The End.

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