Wednesday, November 12, 2014

On Our Planet...

It has been established that my wife and I are not of this earth.  We fell through an unidentified portal (wormhole, time-uterus, quasar-crack, other?) to this pretty - but ridiculous - place in the mid-to-late-sixties, and have yet to find our way back.  I once asked [Maris] about our home world, just to be sure that my memories were still intact.  

Realistically, I should have stopped with the first answer I got from my [M]...

On our planet, we have magical powers.

That, as previously indicated, is where I should have stopped.  It is, in fact, not where I stopped.

On our planet, there is no one we don't like.

It never rains or snows, and when it sleets, it sleets amethysts.

We have unlimited books.  (obviously, that one's [M]'s)

Our planet is populated only by Ricky Gervais, Ellen DeGeneres, and Steve Martin (and maybe Leon Redbone and Tress MacNeille) - and they love us.

On our planet, a train comes whenever you approach a railroad crossing - and the power is always a dog's breakfast of history.

On our planet, food has only the calories you need, and junk food is nutritious. 

Also, no one cuts in line - car or no car.

On our planet, Starbursts - unwrapped - original flavors, with lots of strawberry - grow like dandelions.  Also Skittles - but the apple flavor was never invented.

Movies on our planet:  Murder gets an X rating, while sex is PG (and Ps actually exercise their G).

On our planet, [Maris] gets magical powers.  I think we've pretty much established that, but there it is.  Again.

On our planet, you can continue "Space Harrier" until the end - no extra quarters required.

On our planet, when you say "gigitty," everyone knows exactly what you mean, and responds in kind.

On our planet, all animated movies are made by Pixar.

"[M] can fy flighter jets as fun."

On our planet, our teams always win, while the yankees and braves... don't exist.  Nor do the cowboys, or duke.

On our planet, Thanksgiving comes four times a year, and when we host, we have invisible spirits who do all the cooking and cleaning.

Finally, and perhaps most-importantly, on our planet, all pandas and/or lighthouses have the perfect light, and are devoid of all people.
Aw, come on!  What now?  Get out of my shot - I've got waves breaking and clouds rolling in...

There.  It's a start.  Hopefully, with deeper hypnosis and temporal regenerative regression therapy, we can uncover more...

This time, I couldn't bring myself to attempt the *phrase* prompt from my Studio30Plus buddy Kirsten,so I used her "amethysts," from "Inside the Chamber," instead.  I hope you like it.  I'm in the middle of attempting to produce 30 blog posts in 30 days.  Not an excuse - just an explanation.  Bear with me...



  1. Your magical planet sounds delightful, especially the supernatural Thanksgiving.

    1. It is all of the above and so much more! If memory serves, that is.

  2. I like your planet, it sounds lovely there.

    Thanksgiving 4 times a year? I can't wait.

    Glad you used amethysts. It's my birthstone so the word itself makes me smile.